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Nothing has been so good - for both sellers  and buyers of Medical and Lab equipment!

First time, a portal backed by a factory specialized for support, maintenance and refurbishing of Medical equipment! First time a portal, that will offer inspection and quality assessment for Medical equipment particularly used equipment.

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Faster reach to direct customers across the globe!
Powerful tool to multiply your business, faster sale and better pricing.

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Get best deals, know promotions from different suppliers, 
Get many more options - for all needs, all budgets - New and used

Upgrading your Lab/ Hospital?

Get the best price for your used equipment!



We offer thorough equipment inspection to guarantee optimal working condition of used medical equipment. Our experts conduct a comprehensive check to ensure you get what you expect.


We have own factory that refurbishes and repairs used medical equipment, ensuring optimal performance. With our services, you can be sure your equipment performs like new.

Warranty and Maintenance

For peace of mind, we offer warranty and maintenance on used equipment. This takes away the risk in buying used equipment.